Funding Academics

Chris Page - Future Heroes Scholarship  ​

Chris Page's  passing was an immeasurable loss to our community. We hope to foster Chris Page’s greatest characteristics with the support this scholarship will bring.

Nursing Student Support Fund

Our students have a unique opportunity to learn patient care skills right in the classroom, and then flex their new skills with actual patients. Our CORE supports  teenagers taking this massive leap from the classroom to actually caring for the elderly.

Repurpose Days

We take a few days out to redirect clothing and toiletry from closets, boxes and landfills- into the hands of people who will use them. We set up a free thrift shop for our school to build  community while stunting consumerism and reducing waste.

Julia Felton Legacy of Caring Award

This award is given annually to a student who intends to enter the medical field and carry on Julia Felton'sidea that with support, all things are possible. 

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